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About TEAC

TEAC was originally founded as Tokyo Television Acoustic Company in August 1953. Its goal was to be a leader in magnetic recording technology. Later, the company changed its name to Tokyo Electro Acoustic Company and then to TEAC. Over the years, the challenge to be at the technological edge of data recording persisted.

TEAC aims to be an integral part of the new century where creative engineering coupled with TEAC's high standards in R&D and production will provide for a continuing source of supply of new products to our customers.

By maintaining TEAC's corporate culture - "respect creativity and honesty ", we will continue to demonstrate our ability to contribute to the enjoyment and productivity of our millions of customers worldwide.


Aug 1953: Founding of Tokyo Television Acoustic Company. Factory set up in Musashino City, Tokyo. Manufacture and sale of semi-professional audio components for recording and playback along with general electrical appliances.

Dec 1956: Establishment of Tokyo Electro-Acoustic Company. Factory set up in Chitose-cho, Sumida Ward, Tokyo. Production of audio components, measurement and optical equipment and tape recorders.

Jun 1959: Tokyo Television Acoustic Co. and Tokyo Electro-Acoustic Co. join forces to manufacture tape recorders.

Jan 1961: Corporate headquarters move to the present site.

May 1961: Licensing agreement concluded with IBM. First production of magnetic tape memory systems.

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